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Narayana Ayurveda and Yoga Academy (N.A.Y.A) is a well-respected and premier Ayurveda college in the state of Texas. Our professional Ayurveda Seminars are approved and regulated by Texas Workforce Commission-Career School and Colleges.

Narayana Ayurveda and Yoga Academy has been reviewed and recognized as providing training at the professional membership level of Ayurvedic Health Counselors by the Ayurveda Accreditation Council. Our students consistently perform well in the NAMACB (National Ayurvedic Medical Association Certification Board exams). Narayana is also a member of T.A.P.A.S -Texas Ayurveda Professionals Association.

We offer affordable tuition, flexible payment plans, hybrid training online with some in-person portion, rigorous traditional Ayurveda content from ancient texts, highly qualified teachers, and are women and nutrition-centered.

Starting from $2900* for 600 hours Ayurveda Counselor starting in January 14, 2024.

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Online Ayurveda Courses


About us

Our school provides comprehensive instruction in ancient Ayurvedic and Vedic healing practices through online courses. Our online workspace makes distance learning at an affordable rate available for adult learners.

The college was established by Husband and Wife team, Monica B Groover, Ph.D. (Manjulali Dasi), and, Pandit Atul Krishna Das.

Why choose Narayana Ayurveda as your School of Choice

Affordable and Flexible Payment Plans

Our Ayurveda Counselor Online starts from $2900* tuition. The tuition payment can be spread up to 12-14 months. This price is nearly 45% less than most Ayurveda colleges in the United States.

*Tuition only if paid in advance. Does not include books, electronic materials or application fees. Monthly and flexible tuition plans are 10% extra.

Recognition and Accreditation

Narayana Ayurveda is one of the 13 schools whose Ayurveda Counselor is recognized by the National Ayurvedic Medical Accreditation Council*.
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We are one of 12 schools whose Ayurveda Practitioner is recognized by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association Accreditation Council. See links:


*"The National Ayurvedic Medical Accreditation Council is a programmatic accrediting agency for clinically focused Ayurvedic medical programs. As such, it serves to ensure the high quality of Ayurvedic medicine education in the United States through the granting of accreditation to programs in Ayurvedic medicine that voluntarily seek NAMAC accreditation and meet NAMAC’s standards. NAMAC’s accreditation standards cover a range of educational and organizational aspects necessary to support the delivery of quality programs, including faculty, student services, information services, finances, and administration".


National Exam Results


Our graduates have consistently performed very well at the NAMACB (National Ayurvedic Medical Associations-Certification Board) Exams for Ayurveda Counselor certification and Ayurveda Practitioner board certification.

Flexible Training Delivery

Our Training Delivery is flexible. A student can choose to join the ONLINE track and complete their entire training online*. Or, choose our hybrid model-where you attend mostly online and come in person for the internship.

Content Driven

Our curriculum is based on ancient Ayurvedic Texts (Caraka Samhita, Astanga Hrdyam, Susruta Samhita) written in Sanskrit that we have simplified and presented in simple English. We have created a content-driven system that breaks down every concept, and, then each concept builds on one another. Training is experiential.

Not only do the students gain a deeper understanding of theoretical philosophy and principles, but also learn the practicum and labs where they may learn to use spices, herbs, oils, and other natural remedies.

Training is delivered via lectures, podcasts, labs, internships, and client appointments, case discussions and practicums. Students may work in teams or individually for projects and community work is part and parcel of the final exam.

Students learn the practicum portion-whether cooking in their own kitchen, or basic knowledge of how to assess dosha imbalances in the body using traditional methods using marma, nadi, threefold biofeedback etc. This knowledge can be invaluable for those working in alternative medicine or wellness fields.

Amazing Instructors

Our Instructors are a mix of medical doctors and Ayurvedic Practitioners, Ayurvedic Doctors, and Spiritual Teachers. Two of our teachers-Monica B Groover (the Director) and Dr. Mithun Baliga are published, Authors. Monica Groover's book-"Essential Guide to Ayurveda Part 1" opened at Number 1 on Amazon's Best Seller list under 1 category. Pandit Atul Krishna is an expert Vedic astrologer and Sanskrit teacher with 40 years of Sanskrit and Vedic Astrology experience under his belt. Our beloved teacher Deborah A King has been a nurse practitioner for 30 years, is a spiritual practitioner, and an Ayurveda practitioner.

Meditation and Spiritual Growth
Another benefit of attending our Ayurveda school is that our focus is to provides a space to explore different aspects of spirituality and meditation and different modalities like yoga, Vedic Astrology, Qigong, chanting etc.

Many people find that taking part in these practices helps them to become more aware of their own bodies and minds, leading to greater self-awareness and insight into their own physical and mental health. Furthermore, learning about the spiritual aspect of healing can help deepen our understanding of how energy works within the body, allowing us to better assist our clients journey toward wellness.

Community Driven

Finally, when you attend Narayana Ayurveda either online or via a hybrid track, you will become part of a supportive community of friends, students, and teachers where you can share ideas with like-minded individuals interested in furthering their knowledge of alternative medicine.

This network can be beneficial if you ever need advice or want to discuss new techniques with experienced practitioners who have used them before.

Joining our Ayurveda college can provide many benefits for those seeking a deeper understanding of holistic healing practices such as herbalism, yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic pulse (energetic) assessment, pranayama exercises, dosha nutrition counseling, aromatherapy, and more.

Not only will you gain valuable knowledge about how to best serve your community, family, friends and clients but you will also become part of a supportive community dedicated to furthering its members’ knowledge in alternative medicine practices.

Story Continued

Both the founders of Narayana wanted to establish an affordable, online college, based on Samkhya as well as Vedantic principles. The team wanted to make Ayurvedic education affordable by using Open Source Learning Management like Moodle.

Ayurveda is an ancient form of holistic healing from India that has been around for centuries, 3000 BC to be more precise. It is continuosly gaining popularity in the West.

In the last decade of teaching Ayurveda, we have seen many health professionals and people from all kinds of life joining our Ayurveda school to learn more about this powerful practice.

But why should you learn Ayurveda as an Ayurveda Counselor, where you will be taught about practicing Ayurveda professionally from the ground up? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.
We have two levels of training

Level 1- 600 Hour Ayurveda Counselor
Level 2- 900 Hour Ayurveda Practitioner
Other teachers include Dr Aparna Dandekar (threeriversayurveda.com), and, Dr Priyanka Rajan, BAMS, Dr Monika Singhal, MBBS. Guest lectures and yoga therapy lectures may be provided by other highly qualified faculty as well.


Our mission is to promote alternative, spiritual and holistic wellness education via Ayurveda, an ancient system from India for balancing the mind and body. Ayurveda is a collection of complimentary, holistic and alternative lifestyle practices whose aim is to balance the mind and body through the use of herbs, spices, cooking, meditation, yoga and seasonal cleansing.

Ancient Knowledge, Modern Delivery Our Ayurveda courses are comprehensive yet designed for adult learners and offer flexibility and affordability. Training delivery is experiential and blended. We use online web-conferencing, and open source Learning Management System to create our virtual learning environment


Support healing through an organic plant based vegetarian diet principles.
To cultivate in our students -love of nature, environment and earth and inner harmony.
To conduct affordable, Ayurvedic Yoga therapy and meditation workshops based on Vedic Principles, rooted in mother nature
To conduct affordable Ayurvedic certificate courses that fulfill NAMA. (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) requirement for Ayurveda Practitioner and Ayurveda Counselor
*To mobilize the students of our certificate courses to conduct onsite workshops, education and coaching as a spiritual and Ayurvedic counselor in their own community.
*To mobilize the students of our certificate courses to conduct onsite workshops, education and coaching as a spiritual and Ayurvedic counselor in their own community
*To create Ayurveda and Yoga course materials, books and manuals

Wholeness : Living in harmony with the nature and earth
Humility: Practicing humility through surrender to nature’s intelligence, and, teaching that to the community
Ahimsa : Living in Harmony with nature and a plant based diet that does not harm the environment and other creatures.
Giving Back : Committing to give back to earth by using organic foods, recycling and restoring nature.
Meditation : Practicing Sadhana, (daily Practice) Restoring balance by meditation
Consciousness : Cultivating inner awareness and knowingness

Our team practices Ayurvedic Vegetarian Diet or are Vegan. Most of the students who join our course also conduct community workshops. We offer excellent online training delivery in United States, with a fraction of a price. Community Workshops are free of charge.


In person Internship- For Hybrid Track students
Online Internship- For 100% Online Track students

* If paid in advance. Does not include books or application fees. If paid monthly then 10 percent extra.


We offer two formats--ONLINE format OR a HYBRID format.
Read our FAQ to learn more

-EBOOK-Essential Guide to Ayurveda-Part 1
Ayurveda Textbook for Counselors and Students is available in all countries. Hardcover copy available at amazon.com.

Ayurveda Counselor is offered in two tracks. Online Track which is online classes only,, has a discounted price starting from $2900. Hybrid Track is not discounted and includes in-person sessions.
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Buy Ayurveda book by our Director Monica Groover-Ayurveda and the Feminine


Term 1 Schedule
Lectures- *5-7 hours per week
Sunday-8 AM - 12 Noon Central
Thursday-7 PM Central
Client appointments -Thursdays or Saturdays (1-6 hours per month)
**Internship and Labs - *20-25 hours per month
2 weekends- 8 am to 6 pm (Jan and Feb 2024)

Term 2 Schedule
Lectures- *5-7 hours per week
Sunday-8 AM - 12 Noon Central
Thursday-7 PM Central
Client appointments -Thursdays or Saturdays (1-6 hours per month)
**Internship and Labs - *20-25 hours per month
2 weekends- 8 am to 6 pm (March and April 2024)

Term 3 Schedule
Lectures- *5-7 hours per week
Saturdays-8 AM - 12 Noon Central
Thursday-7 PM Central
Client appointments -Thursdays or Saturdays (1-6 hours per month)
**Internship and Labs - *20 hours per month
1 weekends- 8 am to 6 pm (May 2024)

Term 4-6- TBD

NOTE: Counselor has 6 terms. After Term 1 the cohort will switch to a Saturday morning. Most classes are recorded and are available for viewing. See the calendar for more information.

*We require a minimum of 6 persons to sign up to do this in a classroom at St Edwards University If there are less than 6 persons, we may switch to online only. And/Or, we will have a few onsite students come in for a private mentorship.

*Please note that the dates may be subject to change if Austin reaches Stage 4 again, or, similar circumstances. Our schedule is summer to summer-so from August 1st 2021 to July 31st, 2022.
INTERNSHIP will be offered both Online and In-person starting Jan 1st, 2022.


“As per NAMA requirement, Counselor cohort beginning on or after January 1, 2022 (Fall of 2021), live in-person internships will be mandatory and will begin per state and local public health guidelines, for students wishing to take the Ayurveda Counselor NAMA Board Exam. If a student enrolled before January 2022--this does not apply to them.”

Text or call us at: ‪(512) 761-7563‬

Graduates in good standing are eligible to sit for the National Ayurvedic Medical Association Certification Board exam at the Ayurvedic Health Counselor level and upon passage may apply for NAMA professional membership*.
*Provided the students pass the NAMA CB exam.

Application Form
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Courses offered in Canada and International countries


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You can also book an Ayurveda consultation with an Ayurvedic Vaidya or an Ayurvedic practitioner. (Student consults are only available once a month and posted separately)