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Online Ayurveda Courses


About us

Our school provides comprehensive instruction in ancient Ayurvedic and Vedic healing practices through online courses. Our online workspace makes distance learning at an affordable rate available for adult learners.

The college was established by Husband and Wife team, Monica B Groover, Ph.D. (Manjulali Dasi), and, Pandit Atul Krishna Das. Both wanted to establish an affordable, online college, based on Samkhya as well as Vedantic principles. The team wanted to make Ayurvedic education affordable by using Open Source Learning Management like Moodle. Other teachers include Dr Aparna Dandekar (, and, Dr Priyanka Rajan, BAMS, Dr Monika Singhal, MBBS. Guest lectures and yoga therapy lectures may be provided by other highly qualified faculty as well.


Our mission is to promote alternative, spiritual and holistic wellness education via Ayurveda, an ancient system from India for balancing the mind and body. Ayurveda is a collection of complimentary, holistic and alternative lifestyle practices whose aim is to balance the mind and body through the use of herbs, spices, cooking, meditation, yoga and seasonal cleansing.

Ancient Knowledge, Modern Delivery Our Ayurveda courses are comprehensive yet designed for adult learners and offer flexibility and affordability. Training delivery is experiential and blended. We use online web-conferencing, and open source Learning Management System to create our virtual learning environment


Support healing through an organic plant based vegetarian diet principles.
To cultivate in our students -love of nature, environment and earth and inner harmony.
To conduct affordable, Ayurvedic Yoga therapy and meditation workshops based on Vedic Principles, rooted in mother nature
To conduct affordable Ayurvedic certificate courses that fulfill NAMA. (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) requirement for Ayurveda Practitioner and Ayurveda Counselor
*To mobilize the students of our certificate courses to conduct onsite workshops, education and coaching as a spiritual and Ayurvedic counselor in their own community.
*To mobilize the students of our certificate courses to conduct onsite workshops, education and coaching as a spiritual and Ayurvedic counselor in their own community
*To create Ayurveda and Yoga course materials, books and manuals

Wholeness : Living in harmony with the nature and earth
Humility: Practicing humility through surrender to nature’s intelligence, and, teaching that to the community
Ahimsa : Living in Harmony with nature and a plant based diet that does not harm the environment and other creatures.
Giving Back : Committing to give back to earth by using organic foods, recycling and restoring nature.
Meditation : Practicing Sadhana, (daily Practice) Restoring balance by meditation
Consciousness : Cultivating inner awareness and knowingness

Our team practices Ayurvedic Vegetarian Diet or are Vegan. Most of the students who join our course also conduct community workshops. We offer excellent online training delivery in United States, with a fraction of a price. Community Workshops are free of charge.


In person Internship- For Hybrid Track students
Online Internship- For 100% Online Track students