A lot of our students are from Canada. They not only get a flexible distance learning and online professional Ayurveda program, but, also an affordable one. Students can complete the entire program online. However, many students in Toronto, Ontario, BC, or Vancouver choose to fly down once a year for their internship portion, while completing the rest of the program 100% online. Others choose to finish this without traveling. For international students, there is also an option of "externship". Please enquire directly, as it may differ on a case by case basis.

Classes are offered via WEBINARS.

Monica B Groover and Pandit Atul Krishna Das have trained over 300 successful students from International locations in the last eight years.

By using open source technologies like Moodle Learning Management System and not operating a big campus--we maintain low fees. Compared to other colleges, the total cost of our program is nearly 35%-50% less than any comparable courses.

Get a world-class education and attend the classes without leaving your own home via the internet. Our world-class faculty and blended learning training delivery where you can choose to do a course 100% Online. Some Canadian students choose to register themselves with NAMA (NATIONAL AYURVEDIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION) although they don't have an obligation to do so. Please visit the NAMA website for more information.

Most of our students are yoga teachers, nurse practitioners, RN, pharmacy or health practitioners, who work full or part-time while preparing to incorporate a future career in Ayurveda. We also get engineers, attorneys, even an airline pilot once!

There are also students looking to enrich their own lives with Ayurvedic Medicine for themselves. For them, auditing the program is an option as well.

We are a small college with small size classes so we can give more personalized attention to the students.

Contact us

You can reach the school by phone or text at +1 512-761-7563
or by email to s5129director@naya-ayurveda.com