Manjulali is an Ayurveda Practitioner, a writer, and a Herbalist. She grew up in a household where divination was part of her everyday world. She comes from a heritage of Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, and Herbal healing. She is also a psychic and a medium though she doesn't actively practice the mediumship. 

She has been practicing Divination for 40 years starting from childhood.  Manjulali's father was a  famous Vedic astrologer, divination expert, and medium. An advanced meditation practitioner, and, Herbalist- Manjulali practices traditional Ayurveda as passed to her by her heritage, energy medicine, and also practices Vedic Healing through Mantras.

If you are interested in a divination reading, here are some ways that Manjulali can help you. All payments are affordable from $42* onwards and part of the donations will be given to charity. 

Divination Services
1- Vedic Face reading (froM $42 onwards)
2- Nadi (pulse) reading - for blocked karma and energies in your fascia and different parts of your body (froM $42 onwards)
3- Chakra reading- for blocked or overflowing chakra energy (froM $42 onwards)
4- Vedic Rituals and pujas for reducing bad karma (Donations accepted)
5- Creation of Empowered divination objects for negating bad karma and bad energy, relationships, wellness and fertility (donation accepted)
6- Feminine Ritual workshops, invocation of female angels and goddesses (donations accepted)

Manjulali is the author of a well-received book on divination called Ayurveda and the Feminine . You can buy the book here.


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