Suggested Texts and Materials

Ayurveda and the Feminine, Monica B Groover, Copyright 2020
The Textbook of Ayurveda: Fundamental Principles Vasant Lad. Copyright(c) 2002 by Vasant Dattaray Lad
The Textbook of Ayurveda: Part 2 Vasant Lad. Copyright(c) 2003 by Vasant Dattaray Lad
The Textbook of Ayurveda: Part 3 Vasant Lad. Copyright(c) 2012 by Vasant Lad
Ayurvedic Medicine: The Principles of Traditional Practice by Sebastian Pole Copyright (c)2006, 2013 Sebastian Pole
The Ageless Woman: Nancy Lonsdorf MD Copyright © 2004 MCD Century Publications, LLC
Ayurveda Secrets of Healing: Maya Tiwari Copyright(c)1995, Lotus Press
Ayurveda: Nature’s Medicine by Dr. David Frawley and Dr. Subhash Ranade Copyright(c)2001, Lotus Press
Essential Guide for Ayurveda Students part 1, Monica B Groover Copyright 2017 by Monica Groover
Eat, Taste, Heal by Thomas Yarema, Daniel Rhoda, Johnny Brannigan, Copyright 2006 by Five Elements Press
Altars of Power and Grace-Michael and Robin Maestro Copyright 2004(c) Michael and Robin Mastro
The way of Vastu (available on kindle-online edition)-Michael Mastro Copyright 2006(c) Michael Mastro
Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy by Mukunda Stiles. Copyright(c)2006 by Lotus Press
School Manuals for Ayurveda Counselor Program (AC101,AC102, AC103, AC104,AC105,AC106,AC107,AC108,AC109, AC110, AC111, and AC112) Copyright(c)2015 Monica B Groover
School Manual BK101 Copyright(c)2017 Monica B Groover
School Manual PK101 Copyright(c)2015 Monica B Groover