Ayurveda Counselor Offered both ONLINE and as HYBRID (online and in person) delivery format.
The Ayurveda counselor is divided into six terms of 9-10 weeks each. There are 12 Academic class modules and 142 Lessons equaling 600 Hours. Students are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of internship and 50 client encounters. Students have the OPTION to complete the internship onsite at Austin, TX (extra fees apply) or choose to do Ayurveda Counselor 100% online.

Description and Scope The scope of practice for this seminar course is focused on a general well person's constitution, (Prakrti and Vikrti), and basic imbalances of doshas and, agni. After the successful completion of this seminar, students will be able to create simple recommendations using dietary, lifestyle, and contemplative practices like meditation, herbs, meditation, recipes, and self-care strategies to encourage a lifestyle of balance. The Ayurvedic Counselor will be able to educate the general public regarding basic tenets of Ayurveda and suggest some daily or seasonal routine practices. Our Ayurveda Counselor meets the competencies required for professional membership at the Ayurvedic Health Counselor with NAMA. Students can choose to do a internship in-person to qualify for the NAMA Certification board exam, or, do it 100% online if they do not plan to take this certification exam. Students ' transcripts will reflect the internship status (in person or online). 


Thursday- 7 PM-8.30 pm central
Saturdays/Sundays-8 AM Central- 11 am Central (Term 1 through 3  are Sundays and  switch to Saturday from Term 3 through 6)
1 weekend a month- internship intensive

Our Next Counselor begins JAN 14th, 2024. Starting from $2900*.

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AYURVEDA PRACTITIONER This course takes 16 months to complete apx. You must have graduated the Ayurveda Counselor in order to begin this advanced practitioner course. This course is 900 hours. 150 Client encounters and a much longer
internship or externship (in person) is required for this course. Offered both ONLINE and as HYBRID (online and in person) delivery format. Classes are Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays. 

SCOPE This hybrid program prepares the student to prepare a more comprehensive Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, spiritual, and Ayurvedic Herbal formula recommendations to remove imbalances and restore health as defined in Vedic and other classical Sanskrit authorities in the Indian tradition.  (Available both in online-only format and, a hybrid that includes in-person internship and labs plus online classes) Practitioners also promote health by preparing custom-fit Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle programs, detox and rejuvenation plans, and herbal formulas for their clients. Compared to the Counselor program, this program includes deeper instruction in Sanskrit; Vedic Astrology history, philosophy, and principles of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic pharmacology; herbal formulations for specific imbalances; foundation in Anatomy and physiology related to Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Nidan & Cikitsa, Client communication; therapeutic modalities; Panchkarma detoxification theory and practice.  The Counselor can suggest ahara (basic diet) according to dosha and Lifestyle coaching. In comparison, the Practitioner can work with someone who has a chronic disorder and work with their acupuncturist,, naturopath, or massage therapist to create a herbal recommendation, dosha, and coaching plan 

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that Ayurveda is not recognized by the FDA, and remains a holistic health modality, recognized as a complimentary medicine in only some states in USA.
Ayurveda and its practitioners are not meant to treat, diagnose or assess any disease 

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