Step 1 Fill this Online Application Form if you are ready to start your program within 3 months. If you decide not to pursue the program after filling the application form, please inform us.

Wait for a response from the School by email or phone within 4 business days. Once the application form has been submitted and the student has been interviewed via phone or email, it is time for enrollment formalities.

School Answering Service: 512-761-7563
(Only available Monday to Friday 9 Am to 2 PM Central. If you would like a quicker reply, please contact

Step 2- A phone interview This is a simple informal chat over the phone with the director. For yoga and self healing courses, we send you an invoice, and you are all set to begin your course or program. However, if you have applied for a Professional Ayurveda Counselor or Ayurveda Practitioner program, there are a few more formalities as per state policies.

Step 3- Submit Proof of Education Student submits copies of their high school certificate/or equivalent certificate. Alternatively, any college credit or post-secondary certificate may be submitted.

Step 4-Enrollment Agreement and Application Fees Sign the Student enrollment form, and, acknowledge receipt of catalog. Student is required to pay their application fees by this time. Student receives the student enrollment form. Student also receives a document where they acknowledge -that they have read all our enrollment policies, and, received the catalog.

Flexible Payment Plan: If opting for a flexible payment plan, we keep a credit card on fie. (No monthly interest is charged)

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