Support Healing through Ayurveda and Yoga

Support Healing with Ayurveda and Yoga: A journey of self awareness

In this 8 part webinar series, you will learn about 5000 year old ancient techniques of Ayurveda and Yoga therapy to unlock self awareness and support healing by applying these principals to determine your body-mind-spirit constitution, and, make a custom plan for yourself.

You will assess the state of your digestion and learn to turn your kitchen cabinet into a kitchen pharmacy with spices that balance your digestion and constitution.

You will also learn the best breathing techniques(pranayama), good asanas for your constitution. The course would enable you with tools of Ayurvedic practices for different seasons, different times of day, practices of daily routine and seasonal routine that will bring deeper self awareness and balance to your life, under the direct guidance of Ayurveda Practitioners and Ayurveda Counselor students.

Duration: This self support program is 12 hours of live webinars. This is a self learning yogic course and there is no certificate issued. However, attendance and participation record is available.

Audience- Anyone and everyone is welcome. Perfect for self help, those with no knowledge of Ayurveda, or, those new to Ayurveda. This course can be used for self awareness and promoting balance in your body-mind and spirit.

Anyone can take this course online, in person, or, via distance learning. This short course is a mix of distance learning and online live classes.


Lesson 1 Overview of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy. History & Mythology of Healing.
Lesson 2 Dosha Test, finding our own natural constitution
Lesson 3 Finding your predominant mahabhuta and gunas. 20 Gunas (qualities) seen in all elements
Lesson 4 Determining your Agni and Digestive Fire
Lesson 5 Pranayama for your prakrti.
Lesson 6 Balancing yourself through kitchen spices, meditation and yoga asanas
Lesson 7 Finding why I am imbalanced? What are the causative factors for me to get imbalance
Lesson 8 Learning about maintenance of Health. Creating a daily routine for self.
Lesson 9: Yogic cleanses for self. Seasonal Routine for self.

Feel free to email us or call me if you have any questions.

Process- Fill the Application form, pay online, and, thats it! You are good to go.

Class Delivery - Online Internet classes and pre-recorded sessions. Classes last apx 4-5 weeks. Course access finishes on the last day of class. No extensions. Sessions pertain to student investigating and studying their own natural constitution, their imbalance, their digestive fire (Agni), making a daily routine plan to balance themselves through Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Ahara plan to balance themselves based on the materials and classes. There are no quizzes, except the self awareness and self quiz to find out your constitution, prakrti and vikrti, as well as agni assessment, and, women support quiz if applicable.

NOTE: This program will give a certificate of participation, not, 'completion'. This is a self learning program. It can also be used for auditing our classes.

Technical Requirements -A good internet & wifi connection. A computer with Firefox, or, Chrome as a browser. And/Or, a smartphone or tablet with wifi. Student should download the FREE WEBEX app on their mobile phone or tablet, if planning to login via a mobile device. Recordings are available and accessible only via a computer.

Private Lessons This course can also be taken privately, or, as part of a group. It is customized to create a balancing plan for your constitution through Yoga therapy and ayurvedic plans.

Materials Study Aids, DVD's, Books, Modules Supplied by College.

Fees $120 + books and materials. Shipping is calculated as per USPS. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS IN THIS PROGRAM.