Track A and Track B programs

What is this Track A and Track B Block programs?

Our courses are stand alone certificate programs, divided into three different levels that we call Tracks. Students get a certificate after successful completion of each track. There are two tracks that run concurrent.

Our course format follows a Three tier format for Track B and Two Tier format for Track B. Each tier builds upon the other.

After the successful completion of Ayurvedic Foundation Track A, the student can choose Yoga Therapy, Herbalist, Yoga Teacher Training. (100 more hours).

Block 1 Foundation Track B (150 Hrs) in Ayurveda is the pre requisite to advanced Ayurveda Certifications leading to Ayurvedic Practitioner 1100 hours.

After the successful completion of Block 1 Track B, student can choose Ayurveda Counselor Block 2 Programs. After the completion of Block 2, only graduates may move onto our most advanced tier- Block 3 - 1100 Hours which is a work-study program, or, can be done by online and traveling to our location once a year only
Can I get direct admission into Block 2?

No, student must do Block 1 Track B and graduate it before beginning to Block 2. However, if you have done actual classwork with a NAMA recognized college we can transfer some credits

Our class sizes are small and we also have an option of completing entire block 1 online. Block 2 can also be done online except for four days at our facility.

If you are a Registered Nurse, a Physician, an Acupuncturist--then we can ease off our AP and Biochem and can transfer upto 25 hours in Block 1, and 75 hours in Block 2.

Does the program at San Diego College of Ayurveda meet the new NAMA requirements?

Yes, our programs are approved by NAMA

What is the total duration (months) to complete the Ayurvedic Practitioner program from start to finish with no prior Ayurvedic study completed?

Track A programs

Block 1 100 Hrs is 2-3 Months. Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Herbalist and Ayurvedic Nutrition takes 6 months. Total is 9 months

Track B programs

Block 1 150 Hrs takes 3-4 months. Block 2 counselor takes 9 months and Block 3 practitioner takes another 6- 9 months.
Total time is 18-21 months.

If I do not complete my coursework on time, can I attend extra classes.

Yes, in Block 2 and Block 3 students have upto 3 months after the classes, to take extra classes, complete their research and case studies. However Block 1 is a short program and students who want to redo their program must re enroll again. Any student who does not inform the college and is a no show for more than one month is considered unenrolled and they have to re enroll.