Navigating the Online Course

Where is my online course located?

Your online course is not the San Diego College of Ayurveda website. It is a different website link. Please go to your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or, Firefox) and bookmark this link. Our Sunday classes are done on WEBEX APP. You can use a computer, smartphone or a tablet to log into the Webex Online Class on Sunday Mornings. (See next FAQ)

Download FAQ for logging in

Where do I put in my username and password

Go to this link, and, put in your username and password provided with your enrollment packet. For example 18-Mzuwen. Password will be sent in the enrollment packet as well. Please change your password.

I am joining Block 1. How do I begin?

As a Level 1 student, both Track A and Track B students get access to all course material as soon as they log in. Course category is Block 1. Course name listed below.

Block 1 Introduction to Ayurvedic Health Practices (Track A and Track B) will be name for your course. Block 2 will be the category for Block 2 students.

Who do I contact for course related, or, technical questions. Or, admissions related questions?

Technical issues:
Student counselor: Tamara

There is so much information, how do I navigate?

Wait for the orientation and how to navigate class. If you miss it, watch the orientation video. Here is an idea how the navigation works.

When you log in, you will see the Navigation buttons on the left hand side. (Below), and, upcoming classes just below that.

What do I need to begin the course?

1. Make sure you have your reading, audio, visual material. We send you some printed modules, study aids, some DVD's. Make sure you have the optional textbook- Textbook of Ayurveda part 1
2. Make sure you have the course schedule. It is sent to you printed as well as available on this home page.
3. Make sure you go through the orientation - videos, materials, that are available on this page.
4: Make sure you know what the symbols mean