Ayurvedic YOGA therapy

Introduction to Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

September 24, 2017

This online foundation program is delivered with series of webinars that take place twice a week on Thursday nights and Sunday Mornings for apx 10-12 weeks.

This series fulfills all necessary per-requisite, remedial and makeup work for Ayurveda Yoga Therapy or those looking to integrate Ayurveda Principles, Herbs, and Yoga Therapeutics into their existing holistic health, or, yoga practice. This is our most popular program with 4-10 students joining every four months.


This series of webinars combine the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy and student learns how to make a cikitsa protocols that include breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, ayurvedic kitchen spices, herbs, ahara (diet) most suitable for themselves and the tridoshas. We talk about three different constitutions, their physical and mental characteristics-the principles of prakrti and vikrti and their agni. We further break it down and study the sub doshas.

Ayurveda believes that all imbalances begin from digestion. So, we also focus on Agni-or digestive fire and how to balance our agni with the right food, recipes, kitchen spices, lifestyle and yoga practices.

There is a focus on women support as well. We talk about what yoga asanas, the right form of meditation, vihara (lifestyle), ahara(diet) may be suited for a woman in different times of their lives- a post partum woman, her moon cycles, and, approaching menopause, or post menopausal. We talk about how we can apply the principles of asthanga yoga and ayurveda principles of daily routine and seasonal routine into our everyday life.

Benefits of this program:

1.Student can use thsi program as an audit. They can sample a quarter of an online program without committing themselves for 13 months of a professional program.

2. This program is not just theory, but, experiential as well. You are given actual tools that you can start integrating Ayurveda, and, Yoga Practices with your own practice. We have had students from all walks of life, especially yoga teachers, yoga studio owners, massage therapists, holistic nurse practitioners, even Physicians, Naturopath, Chiropractors. Twenty percent of the students who join the program are not full time yoga teachers, but, students of yoga, meditation, or some kind of healing arts.

3. These tools include learning deeper tenets of Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy from an Ayurvedic Perspective, learning to do prakrti and vikrti interview for yourself and your clients, a basic agni assessment form, a women assessment form, and learning some marmas, prana increasing techniques, and, the cikitsa protocols like pranayama, the right dosha balancing diet, the right asanas and the right kitchen herbs making a basic Ayurveda Yoga Therapy plan.

Materials Study Aids, DVD's, Printed Modules Workbooks, Slideshows and handouts supplied by College,archived video class recordings, Essential Guide -Part 1 by Monica B Groover, Textbook of Ayurveda Part 1, Eat Taste Heal, Thomas Yarema MD., Yogis Path, Monica B Groover
Classes- Live Online Classes on Sunday Mornings at 7.00 AM PST, and, Thursday evenings at 5.00 PM PST.
Training Delivery The program is 100% online. However, it is presented in a hybrid format which includes interaction with teachers through online live classes, and offline forum discussions and posts with peers and teachers, or, Skype to the teachers and peers at the end of the course.

The other component of the program is distance learning, as well as do all their assignments and required readings.

Course Delivery This course is intense, moves fast and we expect the students to have at least 4 hours of live classes, and, at least 3-4 hours of study time. Class recordings of online sessions are available if a student is unable to attend class for upto 1 week. Even though the student clinic is optional, we strongly suggest and recommend it.

Audience Suited for existing health practitioners, Yoga Teachers, or Yoga therapists who want to incorporate Ayurvedic Wellness Practices in their own Yoga practice. This course also serves as a strong and comprehensive foundation for Ayurveda counselor and Ayurveda Wellness practitioner courses. The program is experiential, and, students are given tools and take aways for their own practice.

** If the student is planning to pursue advanced programs in the future, this is great program sampler. All the hours of this program may be applied to advanced or professional programs, at the discretion of the college.

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Please note that Ayurveda is not recognized by FDA, and remains a holistic health modality, recognized as a complimentary medicine in only some states in USA. Ayurveda and its practitioners are not meant to treat, diagnose or assess any disease.