Ayurveda and the Mind

Pre-requisites: Admission in Ayurveda Counselor Synopsis: Students shall be able to understand the philosophical concept of mind, consciousness, and soul the seven chakras and five layers called five koshas. Student shall be able to assess the prakrti of the mind-situated in Sattva, Tamas and Rajas.

Lesson Outline

Lesson 1 Introduction to Ayurveda's perspective on Manasa
Lesson 2 Location, Function of manas and manohava srotas
Lesson 3 Soul or atma Consciousness-in living beings
Lesson 4 Manasa Prakrti-Sattva, Rajas, and Tamasa
Lesson 5 Doshas and the Mind
Lesson 6- Meditation and its benefits. Application of meditation Lesson 7- textual study, Ayurvedic, spiritual or psychological counseling
Lesson 8- Chanting, imagery, prayer, and ritual to meet the needs of the individual.
Lesson 9 Seven Chakras and Prana Koshas
Lesson 10 Ahara and Vihara Cikitsa for Manasa
Lesson 11 Interview and meditation techniques
Lesson 12 Herbs and Pranayama support for the mind

Total Lessons: 11
Grades: 70% to Pass
Essays, articles, and Discussions- 40%
Interview Techniques- 25%
Meditation Practicum- 10%