Viewing Ayurveda videos on Roku

The Roku streaming media player is a great option for viewing video content at home. It uses your existing wifi or ethernet connection to stream Netflix, Youtube, video on demand from Amazon, and many others. With models starting from $59 in the US, it's affordable. We've had the older model with optical audio output for 5.1 surround sound and 720p HDMI output for HDTV for almost a year now, and we keep finding new ways to love it!

Once you've gotten your Roku set up and connected to your TV and audio system, you'll need to add the Youtube channel. There are many channels available in the Channel Store which is accessible on the Roku itself, but the Youtube channel (and many others) are "private" channels, which means you need to go through a few simple steps:

1. Go to
2. You will probably need to log in to your Roku account.
3. Enter this code in the box: B8VVK
4. On your Roku, go to the Channel Store and exit it by pressing the Home button
5. The YouTube channel should now appear. Go to it and press the right arrow until you get to Settings
6. Enter your Youtube username
7. You will now have access to all of your Youtube videos, favorites, subscriptions, and playlists from the Roku.

That's all there is to it.