How to submit Online Assignments?

Essays, blogs and discussion assignments - may be posted on our online forums.

Quiz shared with the student in a pdf format may be completed by using any prereader, or handwritten. Then, the quiz can be shared via email, physically posted to our address, faxed, or, scanned and email to us. (See instructions)

• Completed Quizzes and Final Research Project can be faxed to us OR, shared via Google Drive in a PDF or a WORD format. Alternatively, Final Research Project and Completed Quizzes may be posted to our admin office.

• Client Encounters are only accepted in person, or, via Physical Post, and, will not be accepted via email.

• Online Workbooks (if applicable to the course) are ebooks with some notes section. These may be used to determine your attentiveness during online class. They may also be used in online class, to type in notes, do group assignments, or note your observations or during group discussions. A pdf copy may be emailed to us.

Or, you can print and physically post to us, emailed to us, or the scanned portion of classwork and notes may be emailed to the instructor.

• Online Workbook may also be shared by the instructor from their google drive account with the student’s email address for live collaboration between instructor and student, or for assignments. Example- create an online dosha test form or create a meditation and lifestyle recommendation plan for a mock client with vata imbalance. These should be completed in Google Drive itself. It can also be downloaded, printed and posted to us at at our admin office