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My Chart

Java Jyotish v2.01.125

0608 20180713 -0500
38N54.2 77W03.1
Gaura pratipat


Java Jyotish v2.01.125
Asc: 10Ca55 Ra: 11Ca47R Me: 23Ca17 Mo: 1Ca51 Ve: 9Le38 Ju: 19Li15 Sa: 10Sa36R Ke: 11Cp47R Ma: 13Cp25R Su: 26Ge54
Asc: 10Ca55 8: Pushyami, P3    
Ra: 11Ca47R 8: Pushyami, P3    
Me: 23Ca17 9: Aslesha, P2 BE   [full]-> Ma
Ve: 9Le38 10: Magha, P3 Neu   [1/2]-> Sa [1/4]-> Ju
Ju: 19Li15 15: Svati, P4 Neu   [full]-> Su [1/4]-> Mo, Asc, Me, Sa
Sa: 10Sa36R 19: Mula, P4 Fr   [full]-> Su [1/2]-> Ve
Ke: 11Cp47R 22: Sravana, P1    
Ma: 13Cp25R 22: Sravana, P2 Ex Fr   [full]-> Mo, Asc, Me, Ve [1/4]-> Ju
Su: 26Ge54 7: Punarvasu, P3 Fr   [full]-> Sa [1/2]-> Ju [1/4]-> Ve
Mo: 1Ca51 7: Punarvasu, P4 Own   [full]-> Ma

Coded output: su-01:P01S03N07Q3H12Z86.90639033934731X2Ave[1]03Aju[2]05Asa[4]07L02O1 mo-01:P02S04N07Q4H01Z91.8522059840354U1X2Ama[4]07L01CmeRme[4]Rma[1]Rju[4]O3 as-01:P03S04N08Q3H01Z100.90970501716055T01K1 me-01:P04S04N09Q2H01Z113.27773921596146B40X2Ama[4]07L03L12CmoRma[2]Rsa[4]O-2 ve-01:P05S05N10Q3H02Z129.63293065958715B88X0Aju[1]03Asa[2]05L04L11Rsu[1]O0 ma-01:P06S10N22Q2H07Z283.41046267550144B-49X2Amo[4]07Aas[4]07Ame[4]07Ave[4]08Aju[1]10L05L10Rmo[4]Rme[4]Rju[1]O1E1 ju-01:P07S07N15Q4H04Z199.24357833768462B3X0Asu[4]09Amo[1]10Aas[1]10Ame[1]10Asa[1]03L06L09Rsu[2]Rve[1]Rma[1]Rsa[2]O0 sa-01:P08S09N19Q4H06Z250.5958309561965B-83X2Asu[4]07Ave[2]09L07L08Rsu[4]Rve[2]Rju[1]O1 ra-01:P09S04N08Q3H01Z101.77569141651753X2 ke-01:P10S10N22Q1H07Z281.77569141651753X2 su-09:P01S03N07Q3H12Z86.90639033934731X2Aas[2]05Aju[1]10L02CveO-1 mo-09:P02S04N07Q4H01Z91.8522059840354U1X2Ame[4]07Aju[2]09L01CsaO3 as-09:P03S07N08Q3H01Z100.90970501716055T01K1 me-09:P04S10N09Q2H01Z113.27773921596146B40X0Amo[4]07Aas[1]10Ama[2]05Aju[1]03Asa[4]07L06L09Rmo[4]O-1 ve-09:P05S03N10Q3H02Z129.63293065958715B88X0Aas[2]05Aju[1]10L01L06CsuO0 ma-09:P06S02N22Q2H07Z283.41046267550144B-49X2Amo[1]03Ame[2]09Asa[1]03L01L06Rme[2]O1 ju-09:P07S12N15Q4H04Z199.24357833768462B3X0Amo[4]05Ama[1]03Asa[4]05L01L04Rsu[1]Rmo[2]Rme[1]Rve[1]O3 sa-09:P08S04N19Q4H06Z250.5958309561965B-83X2Ame[4]07Aju[2]09L01L12CmoRme[4]Rma[1]Rju[4]O-2 ra-09:P09S07N08Q3H01Z101.77569141651753X2 ke-09:P10S01N22Q1H07Z281.77569141651753X2

General strength

Planet, position, house owner relationship
Me BEDb Fr En Own En Fr Fr BE Neu Fr Fr Fr GF GF GF
Ve Neu BE EnMTK Own Neu Fr En OwnMTK Own BE En GF Neu GFEx Fr
Ju Neu Fr Neu En Own GF BE Neu BE Neu Neu BE GF Fr Own
Sa FrDb Neu FrMTK Own BE FrDb Neu Own Neu En GF EnMTK Own Neu Neu
MaEx Fr Fr Own En Fr Fr Neu Neu Neu FrMTK Own GF GF BE GF
Su Fr Neu GF GF En NeuEx GFEx Neu Neu Neu GFDb BE Neu Fr Neu
Mo Own Own Own Fr OwnEx Fr Own OwnMTK Neu Fr Fr Fr En NeuDb En

Vimsottari dasa starting from Jupiter

Mahadasa startBhukti and antardasa end
Jupiter- Rahu
Ju 03-Aug-2018
Sa 19-Dec-2018
Me 23-Apr-2019
Ke 13-Jun-2019
Ve 06-Nov-2019
Su 20-Dec-2019
Mo 02-Mar-2020
Ma 22-Apr-2020
ends 1.78 yrs
Saturn04/22/2020 1.78 yrsSaturnMercuryKetuVenusSunMoonMarsRahuJupiter
Sa 13-Oct-2020Me 12-Sep-2023Ke 26-Jan-2026Ve 23-Aug-2027Su 01-May-2030Mo 13-May-2031Ma 17-Nov-2032Ra 09-May-2034Ju 10-Feb-2037
Me 18-Mar-2021Ke 08-Nov-2023Ve 04-Apr-2026Su 20-Oct-2027Mo 30-May-2030Ma 16-Jun-2031Ra 17-Jan-2033Ju 24-Sep-2034Sa 06-Jul-2037
Ke 21-May-2021Ve 20-Apr-2024Su 24-Apr-2026Mo 25-Jan-2028Ma 19-Jun-2030Ra 11-Sep-2031Ju 12-Mar-2033Sa 08-Mar-2035Me 14-Nov-2037
Ve 20-Nov-2021Su 08-Jun-2024Mo 28-May-2026Ma 01-Apr-2028Ra 10-Aug-2030Ju 27-Nov-2031Sa 15-May-2033Me 03-Aug-2035Ke 07-Jan-2038
Su 14-Jan-2022Mo 29-Aug-2024Ma 21-Jun-2026Ra 22-Sep-2028Ju 25-Sep-2030Sa 27-Feb-2032Me 11-Jul-2033Ke 02-Oct-2035Ve 11-Jun-2038
Mo 15-Apr-2022Ma 26-Oct-2024Ra 20-Aug-2026Ju 23-Feb-2029Sa 19-Nov-2030Me 19-May-2032Ke 04-Aug-2033Ve 24-Mar-2036Su 27-Jul-2038
Ma 18-Jun-2022Ra 22-Mar-2025Ju 13-Oct-2026Sa 25-Aug-2029Me 07-Jan-2031Ke 21-Jun-2032Ve 10-Oct-2033Su 15-May-2036Mo 12-Oct-2038
Ra 30-Nov-2022Ju 31-Jul-2025Sa 16-Dec-2026Me 05-Feb-2030Ke 27-Jan-2031Ve 26-Sep-2032Su 31-Oct-2033Mo 10-Aug-2036Ma 05-Dec-2038
Ju 26-Apr-2023Sa 03-Jan-2026Me 12-Feb-2027Ke 13-Apr-2030Ve 26-Mar-2031Su 25-Oct-2032Mo 03-Dec-2033Ma 09-Oct-2036Ra 23-Apr-2039
ends 4.79 yrsends 7.48 yrsends 8.59 yrsends 11.75 yrsends 12.7 yrsends 14.29 yrsends 15.39 yrsends 18.24 yrsends 20.78 yrs
Mercury04/23/2039 20.78 yrsMercuryKetuVenusSunMoonMarsRahuJupiterSaturn
Me 25-Aug-2039Ke 09-Oct-2041Ve 07-Mar-2043Su 01-Aug-2045Mo 05-Jul-2046Ma 12-Nov-2047Ra 07-Mar-2049Ju 26-Aug-2051Sa 15-Jan-2054
Ke 16-Oct-2039Ve 09-Dec-2041Su 28-Apr-2043Mo 27-Aug-2045Ma 04-Aug-2046Ra 06-Jan-2048Ju 09-Jul-2049Sa 04-Jan-2052Me 04-Jun-2054
Ve 10-Mar-2040Su 27-Dec-2041Mo 23-Jul-2043Ma 14-Sep-2045Ra 21-Oct-2046Ju 23-Feb-2048Sa 04-Dec-2049Me 01-May-2052Ke 31-Jul-2054
Su 23-Apr-2040Mo 26-Jan-2042Ma 21-Sep-2043Ra 30-Oct-2045Ju 29-Dec-2046Sa 20-Apr-2048Me 15-Apr-2050Ke 18-Jun-2052Ve 11-Jan-2055
Mo 06-Jul-2040Ma 16-Feb-2042Ra 24-Feb-2044Ju 11-Dec-2045Sa 21-Mar-2047Me 11-Jun-2048Ke 08-Jun-2050Ve 03-Nov-2052Su 01-Mar-2055
Ma 26-Aug-2040Ra 12-Apr-2042Ju 11-Jul-2044Sa 29-Jan-2046Me 02-Jun-2047Ke 02-Jul-2048Ve 10-Nov-2050Su 14-Dec-2052Mo 22-May-2055
Ra 05-Jan-2041Ju 30-May-2042Sa 21-Dec-2044Me 14-Mar-2046Ke 02-Jul-2047Ve 31-Aug-2048Su 27-Dec-2050Mo 21-Feb-2053Ma 18-Jul-2055
Ju 02-May-2041Sa 26-Jul-2042Me 17-May-2045Ke 01-Apr-2046Ve 26-Sep-2047Su 18-Sep-2048Mo 15-Mar-2051Ma 11-Apr-2053Ra 13-Dec-2055
Sa 18-Sep-2041Me 16-Sep-2042Ke 16-Jul-2045Ve 23-May-2046Su 22-Oct-2047Mo 19-Oct-2048Ma 08-May-2051Ra 13-Aug-2053Ju 22-Apr-2056
ends 23.19 yrsends 24.18 yrsends 27.01 yrsends 27.86 yrsends 29.28 yrsends 30.27 yrsends 32.82 yrsends 35.09 yrsends 37.78 yrs
Ketu04/22/2056 37.78 yrsKetuVenusSunMoonMarsRahuJupiterSaturnMercury
Ke 01-May-2056Ve 28-Nov-2056Su 25-Nov-2057Mo 13-Apr-2058Ma 03-Nov-2058Ra 20-May-2059Ju 25-May-2060Sa 20-May-2061Me 16-Jun-2062
Ve 25-May-2056Su 19-Dec-2056Mo 05-Dec-2057Ma 25-Apr-2058Ra 25-Nov-2058Ju 10-Jul-2059Sa 18-Jul-2060Me 16-Jul-2061Ke 07-Jul-2062
Su 02-Jun-2056Mo 24-Jan-2057Ma 13-Dec-2057Ra 27-May-2058Ju 15-Dec-2058Sa 09-Sep-2059Me 04-Sep-2060Ke 09-Aug-2061Ve 05-Sep-2062
Mo 14-Jun-2056Ma 18-Feb-2057Ra 01-Jan-2058Ju 25-Jun-2058Sa 08-Jan-2059Me 02-Nov-2059Ke 24-Sep-2060Ve 15-Oct-2061Su 23-Sep-2062
Ma 23-Jun-2056Ra 23-Apr-2057Ju 18-Jan-2058Sa 28-Jul-2058Me 29-Jan-2059Ke 24-Nov-2059Ve 20-Nov-2060Su 04-Nov-2061Mo 24-Oct-2062
Ra 15-Jul-2056Ju 19-Jun-2057Sa 07-Feb-2058Me 28-Aug-2058Ke 07-Feb-2059Ve 27-Jan-2060Su 07-Dec-2060Mo 08-Dec-2061Ma 14-Nov-2062
Ju 04-Aug-2056Sa 25-Aug-2057Me 25-Feb-2058Ke 09-Sep-2058Ve 03-Mar-2059Su 15-Feb-2060Mo 05-Jan-2061Ma 01-Jan-2062Ra 07-Jan-2063
Sa 28-Aug-2056Me 24-Oct-2057Ke 05-Mar-2058Ve 14-Oct-2058Su 11-Mar-2059Mo 18-Mar-2060Ma 25-Jan-2061Ra 03-Mar-2062Ju 24-Feb-2063
Me 18-Sep-2056Ke 18-Nov-2057Ve 26-Mar-2058Su 25-Oct-2058Mo 23-Mar-2059Ma 10-Apr-2060Ra 17-Mar-2061Ju 25-Apr-2062Sa 23-Apr-2063
ends 38.19 yrsends 39.35 yrsends 39.7 yrsends 40.29 yrsends 40.69 yrsends 41.74 yrsends 42.68 yrsends 43.79 yrsends 44.78 yrs
Venus04/23/2063 44.78 yrsVenusSunMoonMarsRahuJupiterSaturnMercuryKetu
Ve 12-Nov-2063Su 09-Sep-2066Mo 12-Oct-2067Ma 17-May-2069Ra 04-Dec-2070Ju 30-Oct-2073Sa 22-Aug-2076Me 16-Sep-2079Ke 17-Mar-2082
Su 11-Jan-2064Mo 10-Oct-2066Ma 17-Nov-2067Ra 20-Jul-2069Ju 29-Apr-2071Sa 02-Apr-2074Me 02-Feb-2077Ke 16-Nov-2079Ve 27-May-2082
Mo 22-Apr-2064Ma 31-Oct-2066Ra 16-Feb-2068Ju 15-Sep-2069Sa 19-Oct-2071Me 18-Aug-2074Ke 11-Apr-2077Ve 06-May-2080Su 18-Jun-2082
Ma 02-Jul-2064Ra 25-Dec-2066Ju 07-May-2068Sa 21-Nov-2069Me 22-Mar-2072Ke 14-Oct-2074Ve 20-Oct-2077Su 27-Jun-2080Mo 23-Jul-2082
Ra 01-Jan-2065Ju 12-Feb-2067Sa 12-Aug-2068Me 21-Jan-2070Ke 25-May-2072Ve 25-Mar-2075Su 17-Dec-2077Mo 21-Sep-2080Ma 17-Aug-2082
Ju 12-Jun-2065Sa 11-Apr-2067Me 06-Nov-2068Ke 14-Feb-2070Ve 24-Nov-2072Su 13-May-2075Mo 24-Mar-2078Ma 20-Nov-2080Ra 20-Oct-2082
Sa 22-Dec-2065Me 01-Jun-2067Ke 11-Dec-2068Ve 26-Apr-2070Su 18-Jan-2073Mo 02-Aug-2075Ma 30-May-2078Ra 25-Apr-2081Ju 16-Dec-2082
Me 12-Jun-2066Ke 23-Jun-2067Ve 23-Mar-2069Su 18-May-2070Mo 19-Apr-2073Ma 28-Sep-2075Ra 19-Nov-2078Ju 10-Sep-2081Sa 21-Feb-2083
Ke 22-Aug-2066Ve 22-Aug-2067Su 22-Apr-2069Mo 22-Jun-2070Ma 22-Jun-2073Ra 21-Feb-2076Ju 23-Apr-2079Sa 21-Feb-2082Me 23-Apr-2083
ends 48.11 yrsends 49.11 yrsends 50.78 yrsends 51.94 yrsends 54.94 yrsends 57.61 yrsends 60.78 yrsends 63.61 yrsends 64.78 yrs
Sun04/23/2083 64.78 yrsSunMoonMarsRahuJupiterSaturnMercuryKetuVenus
Su 28-Apr-2083Mo 25-Aug-2083Ma 16-Feb-2084Ra 04-Aug-2084Ju 18-Jun-2085Sa 23-Apr-2086Me 25-Mar-2087Ke 24-Dec-2087Ve 22-Jun-2088
Mo 07-May-2083Ma 05-Sep-2083Ra 07-Mar-2084Ju 17-Sep-2084Sa 04-Aug-2085Me 11-Jun-2086Ke 12-Apr-2087Ve 14-Jan-2088Su 10-Jul-2088
Ma 14-May-2083Ra 03-Oct-2083Ju 24-Mar-2084Sa 08-Nov-2084Me 14-Sep-2085Ke 01-Jul-2086Ve 02-Jun-2087Su 20-Jan-2088Mo 10-Aug-2088
Ra 30-May-2083Ju 27-Oct-2083Sa 13-Apr-2084Me 24-Dec-2084Ke 01-Oct-2085Ve 28-Aug-2086Su 18-Jun-2087Mo 31-Jan-2088Ma 31-Aug-2088
Ju 14-Jun-2083Sa 25-Nov-2083Me 01-May-2084Ke 13-Jan-2085Ve 19-Nov-2085Su 14-Sep-2086Mo 14-Jul-2087Ma 07-Feb-2088Ra 25-Oct-2088
Sa 01-Jul-2083Me 21-Dec-2083Ke 08-May-2084Ve 08-Mar-2085Su 03-Dec-2085Mo 13-Oct-2086Ma 01-Aug-2087Ra 27-Feb-2088Ju 12-Dec-2088
Me 17-Jul-2083Ke 31-Dec-2083Ve 30-May-2084Su 25-Mar-2085Mo 28-Dec-2085Ma 02-Nov-2086Ra 17-Sep-2087Ju 15-Mar-2088Sa 08-Feb-2089
Ke 23-Jul-2083Ve 31-Jan-2084Su 05-Jun-2084Mo 21-Apr-2085Ma 14-Jan-2086Ra 24-Dec-2086Ju 28-Oct-2087Sa 04-Apr-2088Me 01-Apr-2089
Ve 10-Aug-2083Su 09-Feb-2084Mo 16-Jun-2084Ma 10-May-2085Ra 27-Feb-2086Ju 09-Feb-2087Sa 16-Dec-2087Me 22-Apr-2088Ke 22-Apr-2089
ends 65.08 yrsends 65.58 yrsends 65.93 yrsends 66.83 yrsends 67.63 yrsends 68.58 yrsends 69.43 yrsends 69.78 yrsends 70.78 yrs
Moon04/22/2089 70.78 yrsMoonMarsRahuJupiterSaturnMercuryKetuVenusSun
Mo 18-May-2089Ma 05-Mar-2090Ra 13-Dec-2090Ju 26-May-2092Sa 22-Oct-2093Me 05-May-2095Ke 04-Aug-2096Ve 02-Jun-2097Su 31-Oct-2098
Ma 04-Jun-2089Ra 06-Apr-2090Ju 24-Feb-2091Sa 12-Aug-2092Me 12-Jan-2094Ke 04-Jun-2095Ve 08-Sep-2096Su 02-Jul-2097Mo 15-Nov-2098
Ra 20-Jul-2089Ju 04-May-2090Sa 22-May-2091Me 20-Oct-2092Ke 15-Feb-2094Ve 30-Aug-2095Su 19-Sep-2096Mo 22-Aug-2097Ma 26-Nov-2098
Ju 30-Aug-2089Sa 07-Jun-2090Me 07-Aug-2091Ke 17-Nov-2092Ve 22-May-2094Su 24-Sep-2095Mo 07-Oct-2096Ma 26-Sep-2097Ra 23-Dec-2098
Sa 17-Oct-2089Me 07-Jul-2090Ke 08-Sep-2091Ve 06-Feb-2093Su 20-Jun-2094Mo 07-Nov-2095Ma 19-Oct-2096Ra 27-Dec-2097Ju 17-Jan-2099
Me 29-Nov-2089Ke 20-Jul-2090Ve 08-Dec-2091Su 02-Mar-2093Mo 07-Aug-2094Ma 07-Dec-2095Ra 20-Nov-2096Ju 18-Mar-2098Sa 15-Feb-2099
Ke 17-Dec-2089Ve 24-Aug-2090Su 05-Jan-2092Mo 12-Apr-2093Ma 10-Sep-2094Ra 22-Feb-2096Ju 18-Dec-2096Sa 22-Jun-2098Me 13-Mar-2099
Ve 05-Feb-2090Su 04-Sep-2090Mo 20-Feb-2092Ma 10-May-2093Ra 06-Dec-2094Ju 01-May-2096Sa 21-Jan-2097Me 17-Sep-2098Ke 23-Mar-2099
Su 21-Feb-2090Mo 22-Sep-2090Ma 22-Mar-2092Ra 22-Jul-2093Ju 21-Feb-2095Sa 22-Jul-2096Me 20-Feb-2097Ke 22-Oct-2098Ve 23-Apr-2099
ends 71.61 yrsends 72.19 yrsends 73.69 yrsends 75.03 yrsends 76.61 yrsends 78.03 yrsends 78.61 yrsends 80.28 yrsends 80.78 yrs
Mars04/23/2099 80.78 yrsMarsRahuJupiterSaturnMercuryKetuVenusSunMoon
Ma 01-May-2099Ra 15-Nov-2099Ju 22-Nov-2100Sa 16-Nov-2101Me 13-Dec-2102Ke 29-Oct-2103Ve 27-May-2104Su 24-May-2105Mo 10-Oct-2105
Ra 24-May-2099Ju 05-Jan-2100Sa 15-Jan-2101Me 13-Jan-2102Ke 03-Jan-2103Ve 23-Nov-2103Su 18-Jun-2104Mo 04-Jun-2105Ma 23-Oct-2105
Ju 13-Jun-2099Sa 07-Mar-2100Me 04-Mar-2101Ke 05-Feb-2102Ve 05-Mar-2103Su 30-Nov-2103Mo 23-Jul-2104Ma 11-Jun-2105Ra 24-Nov-2105
Sa 06-Jul-2099Me 01-May-2100Ke 24-Mar-2101Ve 14-Apr-2102Su 23-Mar-2103Mo 13-Dec-2103Ma 17-Aug-2104Ra 30-Jun-2105Ju 22-Dec-2105
Me 27-Jul-2099Ke 23-May-2100Ve 20-May-2101Su 04-May-2102Mo 22-Apr-2103Ma 21-Dec-2103Ra 20-Oct-2104Ju 17-Jul-2105Sa 25-Jan-2106
Ke 05-Aug-2099Ve 26-Jul-2100Su 06-Jun-2101Mo 07-Jun-2102Ma 13-May-2103Ra 13-Jan-2104Ju 16-Dec-2104Sa 06-Aug-2105Me 24-Feb-2106
Ve 30-Aug-2099Su 14-Aug-2100Mo 04-Jul-2101Ma 30-Jun-2102Ra 07-Jul-2103Ju 02-Feb-2104Sa 21-Feb-2105Me 25-Aug-2105Ke 08-Mar-2106
Su 06-Sep-2099Mo 15-Sep-2100Ma 24-Jul-2101Ra 30-Aug-2102Ju 24-Aug-2103Sa 25-Feb-2104Me 23-Apr-2105Ke 01-Sep-2105Ve 13-Apr-2106
Mo 19-Sep-2099Ma 07-Oct-2100Ra 13-Sep-2101Ju 23-Oct-2102Sa 20-Oct-2103Me 17-Mar-2104Ke 18-May-2105Ve 22-Sep-2105Su 23-Apr-2106
ends 81.19 yrsends 82.24 yrsends 83.17 yrsends 84.28 yrsends 85.27 yrsends 85.68 yrsends 86.84 yrsends 87.19 yrsends 87.78 yrs
Rahu04/23/2106 87.78 yrsRahuJupiterSaturnMercuryKetuVenusSunMoonMars
Ra 18-Sep-2106Ju 30-Apr-2109Sa 11-Nov-2111Me 15-Aug-2114Ke 14-Nov-2116Ve 12-May-2118Su 26-Nov-2120Mo 19-Nov-2121Ma 28-Apr-2123
Ju 28-Jan-2107Sa 16-Sep-2109Me 06-Apr-2112Ke 08-Oct-2114Ve 17-Jan-2117Su 05-Jul-2118Mo 24-Dec-2120Ma 21-Dec-2121Ra 24-Jun-2123
Sa 03-Jul-2107Me 18-Jan-2110Ke 06-Jun-2112Ve 13-Mar-2115Su 05-Feb-2117Mo 05-Oct-2118Ma 12-Jan-2121Ra 13-Mar-2122Ju 14-Aug-2123
Me 20-Nov-2107Ke 11-Mar-2110Ve 27-Nov-2112Su 28-Apr-2115Mo 09-Mar-2117Ma 08-Dec-2118Ra 02-Mar-2121Ju 25-May-2122Sa 14-Oct-2123
Ke 16-Jan-2108Ve 04-Aug-2110Su 18-Jan-2113Mo 15-Jul-2115Ma 31-Mar-2117Ra 21-May-2119Ju 15-Apr-2121Sa 20-Aug-2122Me 08-Dec-2123
Ve 29-Jun-2108Su 17-Sep-2110Mo 15-Apr-2113Ma 07-Sep-2115Ra 28-May-2117Ju 14-Oct-2119Sa 06-Jun-2121Me 06-Nov-2122Ke 30-Dec-2123
Su 17-Aug-2108Mo 29-Nov-2110Ma 14-Jun-2113Ra 25-Jan-2116Ju 18-Jul-2117Sa 05-Apr-2120Me 23-Jul-2121Ke 08-Dec-2122Ve 03-Mar-2124
Mo 07-Nov-2108Ma 19-Jan-2111Ra 17-Nov-2113Ju 28-May-2116Sa 17-Sep-2117Me 07-Sep-2120Ke 11-Aug-2121Ve 09-Mar-2123Su 22-Mar-2124
Ma 04-Jan-2109Ra 30-May-2111Ju 05-Apr-2114Sa 23-Oct-2116Me 10-Nov-2117Ke 10-Nov-2120Ve 05-Oct-2121Su 05-Apr-2123Mo 23-Apr-2124
ends 90.48 yrsends 92.88 yrsends 95.73 yrsends 98.28 yrsends 99.33 yrsends 102.33 yrsends 103.23 yrsends 104.73 yrsends 105.78 yrs

[su] hl[L02H12] = L2 in H12 (26.24): dhaneśe vyaya-bhāva-sthe sāhasī dhana-varjitaḥ | para-bhāgya-ratas tasya jyeṣṭhāpatya-sukhaṁ na hi

[mo] hl[L01H01] = L1 in asc (26.1): lagneśe lagnage deha-sukhabhāg bhuja-vikramī | manasvī cañcalaś caiva dvi-bhāryo purago 'pi vā

me rules both house 3 and house 12:

[me] hl[L03H01] = L3 in asc (26.25): lagnage sahajādhīśe sva-bhujārjita-vitta-vān | sevājñaḥ sāhasī jāto vidyā-hīno 'pi buddhimān

[me] hl[L12H01] = L12 in asc (26.133): vyayeśe lagnane jāto vyaya-śīlo jano bhavet | durbalaḥ kapha-rogī ca dhana-vidyā-vivarjitaḥ

ve rules both house 4 and house 11:

[ve] hl[L04H02] = L4 in H2 (26.38): sukheśe dhanage jāto bhogī sarva-dhanānvitaḥ | kuṭumba-sahito mānī sāhasī kuhakānvitaḥ

[ve] hl[L11H02] = L11 in H2 (26.122): lābheśe dhana-bhāvasthe jātaḥ sarva-dhanānvitaḥ | sarva-siddhi-yuto dātā dhārmikaś ca sukhī sadā

ma rules both house 5 and house 10:

[ma] hl[L05H07] = L5 in H7 (26.55): suteśe saptame mānī sarva-dharma-samanvitaḥ | putrādi-sukha-yuktaś ca paropakaraṇe rataḥ

[ma] hl[L10H07] = L10 in H7 (26.115): rājyeśe dāra-bhāvasthe jāto dāra-sukhānvitaḥ | manasvī guṇavān vāgmī satya-dharma-rataḥ sadā

ju rules both house 6 and house 9:

[ju] hl[L06H04] = L6 in H4 (26.64): ṣaṣṭheśe sukha-bhāvasthe mātuḥ sukha-vivarjitaḥ | manasvī piśuno dveṣī cala-citto 'ti-vittavān

[ju] hl[L09H04] = L9 in H4 (26.100): bhāgyeśe turya-bhāvasthe gṛha-yāna-sukhānvitaḥ | sarva-sampatti-yuktaś ca mātṛ-bhakto bhaven naraḥ

sa rules both house 7 and house 8:

[sa] hl[L07H06] = L7 in H6 (26.78): dāreśe ripubhāvasthe bhāryā tasya rujānvitā | striyā sahā 'tha vā vairaṁ svayaṁ krodhī sukhojjhitaḥ

[sa] hl[L08H06] = L8 in H6 (26.90): randhreśe ripu-bhāvasthe śatru-jetā bhavej janaḥ | roga-yukta-śarīraś ca bālye sarpa-jalād bhayam

14.1a: sapāpo dehapoṣṭhāri-vyayago deha-saukhya-hṛt

15.1b: trikastho dhana-hāni-kṛt

15.1c: dhanadaś ca dhane saumyaḥ (1)

15.3b (ju/ve 0/0): dhaneśe kendra-rāśisthe lābheśe tat-trikoṇage | guru-śukra-yute dṛṣṭe dhana-lābham udīrayet