Enter birth information at right as follows:
  1. Enter your name
  2. Click either the AM or 24 icon to enter time and date of birth in AM/PM or 24-hour time format (try to be accurate within 10 minutes)
  3. Find your place of birth on the map and click on it. You can click on one of the "Quick navigation" links to quickly go to the nearest major city; you can zoom out using the controls on the map; you can scroll around by dragging.
  4. Once you've selected place of birth, the time zone list should allow you to select the time change in effect at the time of birth. Select the correct time change. This will automatically set daylight savings correctly along with time zone.
  5. Click the large Calculate button. Chart will appear and this entry section will be hidden. Use the Show/Hide link to bring it back.

Time and date: Enter time of event using 12-hr clock Enter time of event using 24-hr clock

TZ: (-HHMM for time zones W of Greenwich, HHMM for E)
Daylight Savings Time in effect for given time

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