Ayurvedic Ahara 50 Hours

Food is Medicine. In order to bring balance and harmony to our life, it is important we understand what herbs, spices, and food groups help balance us.

This 50 Hour Ayurvedic Nutrition and Culinary Meal planning course is online, home study course, with 'live' classes in a virtual classroom.

Pre Requisite: 100 Hour Block 1 Foundation course, Or, previous knowledge of Ayurveda.

Cost= $349 for the enrollment/course material.

This course may include videos of herbs, spices, and teaches you how to cook, store, dry your food! Food combination guidelines and dietetics for Kapha, Pitta and Vata body types and vice versa.

The 50 Hour Ayurvedic Cooking is a blended course. A portion of it is done online, virtual live classes, where we cover the:

1. Six Tastes, Affinities with Dhatus, Doshas and Different ailments - online
2. Process of Digestion from Ayurvedic Perspective - online
3. Agni and Digestion, 13 types of Agnis in detail - online
4. Ama and meal planning for removing ama - online
5. Ayurveda and Different diets - raw, vegan, lacto, lacto-ova, Macrobiotics - online
6. Rasa, Virya, Vipaka and Energetics of different grains, beverages, herbs, spices, vegetables and preparation methodology (Practicum).

Can be started anytime, after, finishing the BLOCK 1 foundation course.

Payment is done via credit card. Student can pay the full amount for a 10% discount, or, in two installments.

Here is a sample of one 'live' online class: