Introductory Yoga Therapy with Ayurveda Focus-150 Hrs

Yoga Therapy

Scope of Practice:

This is an introduction to Yoga Therapy program-Level 1. The Yoga Therapist shall have the competency to design a basic yoga therapy protocol with focus on basic Ayurvedic Principles. Especially designed for yoga teachers or students of yoga who want to weave yoga with basic Ayurvedic principles.

Yoga therapist will design a basic customized asana, pranayama and meditation practice customized to seasons, age, state of health etc. in a one to one session with a client. The yoga therapist will be able to use a yoga therapy client intake form.

Yoga Therapy is a blend of online classes and once a month onsite workshop. Must either be a yoga teacher training student with basic knowledge of Ayurveda principles, OR, seriously practicing yoga for a minimum of one year, or have basic knowledge of Ayurveda principles.
(Susrūta, Sūtra Sthāna, 15/38) “Samadoṣaḥ sama̅gniśca samadha̅tumalakriyaḥ Prasanna̅tmendriyamana̅ḥ svastha ityabhidhi̅yate”

The course includes the self-awareness in Ayurveda as a focus for Yoga Therapy hrs.

Learning Objectives:

Integration of Yoga Practice with Principles of Ayurveda - to balance the five Vayus, Increase Prana, and achieve a state of Sama Agni by using asanas, pranayama and customized meditation plan

The student will focus on making a yoga plan for their own dosha by:

Lesson 1 Anatomy and Physiology
Lesson 2 History and Background of Yoga Therapy
Lesson 3 Foundation of Ayurveda
Lesson 3 Designing Intake forms for Yoga therapy
Lesson 4 Studying Different Yoga Texts- Gheranda Samhita, Patanjali Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Lesson 5 Pancha Mahabhutas, 2o Gunas in Yoga Therapy
Lesson 6 Agni Balancing (Digestive Support) through Yoga Therapy-
Lesson 7: Asthanga Yoga and its applications in Yoga Therapy
Lesson 8 Pranayama (breathing support) in Yoga Therapy
Lesson 9 Asanas and Yoga Therapy props for different populations-
Lesson 10 Svastha Vritta
(Daily routine and Seasonal routine)
Lesson 11: Meditation in Yoga Therapy
Lesson 12: Marma Points and Yoga Therapy
Lesson 13: Client Observation and Practicum-

Evaluation: 10 Hours of In person Yoga Therapy evaluation done on site. 10 Client encounters must be observed and demonstrated in person at the Austin location.


Training Delivery: Hybrid: Online and in person classes: Austin, Texas (Once a month)
Final Evaluation: In person
Quiz: Online
Forum Discussions: online
Creation of Plans: In person
Client Encounter Observation and practicum: In person and Online

Introductory Course Cost : $1500 in 6 installments. Or, $1250 if paid in advance (10% extra if paid via installments). Extra 10% discount for Narayana Alumni and Students
Application Fees: $50 (Non refundable)
Onsite Evaluation/Internship: (client observations and evaluations): $100 per day.

This program is not reviewed by TEXAS WORKFORCE COMMISSION or YOGA ALLIANCE. This program is a pre-requisite to Ayurveda Yoga Therapy-Level 2 (starting 2020)

Yoga Therapy-Curriculum

Lesson 1 Shad Darshana-Six Perspectives and Philosophies,Yoga Darshana and Samkhya Darshana- 5 Hrs
i Introduction to Sada Darshana-Nyaya, Vaisesika, Samkhya, Yoga, Mimamsa, Vedanta
ii Samkhya

Lesson 2 History and Background- 5 Hrs
i Pre classical Yoga Philosophy
ii Classical Yoga philosophy
iii Modern Yoga
iv Yogic Textbooks and Philosophy
v Difference between yoga, yoga cikitsa and yoga therapy

Lesson 3 Dosha Test, finding our own natural constitution, Creation of self awareness plans- 10 Hrs
i Prakrti, Vikrti and Tridoshas
ii Creation of Self Awareness plans- Balancing Vata, Pitta, Kapha via Yoga

Lesson 4 Yoga Texts - 5 Hrs
i Comparing Samkhya and Yoga darshana
ii Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Lesson 5 Pancha Mahabhutas, 2o Gunas and Yoga -5 Hrs
i Pancha Mahabhutas
ii 20 Gunas

Lesson 6 Agni and Yoga- 5 Hrs
I Agni-13 Types of Agni
ii Balancing Agni via Yoga Therapy

Lesson 7: Asthanga Yoga and its applications-5 hrs

Lesson 8 Pranayama (breathing exercises) 10 Hrs
i Pranayama for Kapha, Pitta, Vata
ii Pranyama for stress
iii Pranayama for manasa disorders
Iv pranayama for Sleep and insomnia
V Pranayama for women

Lesson 9 Asanas - 15 Hrs (Teaching Methodology)
I Asanas for Vata, Pitta and Kapha
II Asanas for Women -Post partum, Menopause, Menstrual Cycle
III Asanas Antepartum (Prenatal)
IV Asana- Use of Props and Modifications

Lesson 10 Svastha Vritta
(Daily routine and Seasonal routine) - 5 Hrs
i Daily Routine
ii Spring and Fall yogic cleanses

Lesson 11: Meditation in Yoga Therapy- 15 Hrs
i Meditation script
ii Setting Ambience, Tools of Meditation
iii Guided Meditation
iv Mantra Meditation
V Teaching a Meditation class

Lesson 12: Yoga and Marma Points- 15 Hrs
i Introduction to Marmas
ii Importance of Marmas
iii 21 Importance Marmas on Face, Hands, Neck, Back, Feet and Joints
iv Balancing Marmas in a yoga Therapy session via lighting, colors, mantras, meditation, pranayama and asanas